World of Wonder

Will I whisper in your ear?

Feel your calloused hand in mine?

Will we charm the passerby?

Will my eyes draw your outline?

When I look at you

Will I know

What your arms feel like around me,

Your voice an embrace, musical and low?

Like all our lives are for each other

So devoted, so content

One lifetime, plus another,

Is this how our love’ll be spent?

Changing only in color

Your steady eyes gaze at me.

Will I someday look back and tell you,

What I’m sure you already see?

I care for you, my darling friend

And wonder what could be

If we each took one step closer

To dance more intimately.



London Airport

Am I to just stand here

As my heart is whisked away?

Thoughts dissolving into wordless matter

As I think of what to say.

The pitter-patter inside my chest-

I say, it must be false

For there is no doubt at all

That I have given you my pulse.

But pause! Oh wait!

Perhaps it could be true!

That this heart, full of joy and life,

Has been given to me by you.